Saturday, May 7, 2011


In checking my Google Reader today, I came upon 3 new Google tools (at least they're new to me!) which I feel are worth sharing:

1. Google Search Globe allows you to see a visualization of Google searches each day from around the world. Each color represents a different language and the higher the bar, the more searches for that area. Note that the beta site requires WebGL enabled browser such as Chrome.

2. Thanks to Lisa Thumann for pointing me towards Google Cloud Print. From a computer, iPhone2, Android or Chrome Notebook you can print your Gmail or Google Doc to a printer hooked up to your Mac or PC. You do need Chrome, but no other software is necessary. Just follow these directions to set-up your Cloud Printer. I just tried it with my Android phone using Docs mobile and it worked perfectly!
So what are the possible benefits to such an app? Well, I'm still thinking that over. I suppose the main advantage is time saving: if you want something to be sitting on your printer when you get home (or have someone at home pick it up off the printer), you can send it through your mobile device.
Any other ideas?

3. My personal favorite.....A Google a Day! This is a daily trivia question in which it is OKAY to search for the answer on Google...but requires a little imagination. As explained on the Google Blog,
As the world of information continues to explode, we hope A Google a Day triggers your imagination and helps you discover all the types of questions you can ask Google—and get an answer.

What a great, fun way for students to practice their skills with keyword searches! Answers are printed weekdays in The New York Times and, just like the crossword puzzles, the questions get harder as the week progresses.