Monday, September 24, 2007

Kite Runner Promotion

Read the book, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and then see the movie!
We will be having book discussions after school in the library on September 26th and October 24th.
For those who attend, we will take a trip to see the movie in November.

Click here to sign-up for the Kite Runner Movie club. We are already past 100 members which entitles us to a prescreening of the movie!
Be sure to sign-up as a member of the New Hope Lions club.

Listen to these NPR Interviews about The Kite Runner:
An Afghan Story: Khaled Hosseini and 'Kite Runner'
Film of 'Kite Runner' Novel Sparks Safety Concerns
Author Hosseini Returns to Afghanistan
Khaled Hosseini, Spinning Tales of a Faraway Home

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mrs. schwander said...

Thank you everyone that came to participate in our book discussion today! We had a very lively discussion about the Afghan culture, the friendship between Amir and Hassan, and the current controversy over the movie.
Please feel free to post any further comments about the book, but be careful not to be a spoiler when talking about events (like Amir does when he tells someone what happens in The Magnificent Seven!)
Keep a lookout for further details on our prescreening of the movie!