Friday, December 18, 2009

Google Books

You probably are familiar with Google Books, but perhaps don't know about all of the terrific tools which Google continues to add.

Did you know:
  • When you perform a general Google search, you can click on "Show options" and you will be given an option to see all the Google Books search results.
  • Many Google Books are available in FULL PREVIEW which means you can look through the entire book, page by page, or by selecting pages from the Table of Contents.
  • You can search for words or terms throughout a Google Book and it will take you to the page with that keyword.
  • In the Preview section, you can embed the book into your website.

  • You or your students can submit a book review into Google Books for others to see.
  • In the Overview section, Google Books provides a Wordle which shows the most commonly used words and phrases in the book.

    • If any geographical places are mentioned in a book, pinpoints are shown on a Google map with reference to where in the book the place is mentioned.

    • You can see where there are references to the book from both Google Books and from Google Scholar.
    • Books which are available to preview can be added to your own library - your library can be shared, searched or followed with an RSS feed.
    • Hyperlinked subjects of books allow you to find similar books to the one you are viewing.
    For complete information on Google Book searches, check out Lucy Gray's presentation which she shared at the Google Teacher Academy in Washington D.C.

    Without a doubt, Google Books is something which will continue to be developed, as well as debated. Just today, MSNBC reported that Google was being sued in Paris for copyright violation. Here in the United States, a fairness hearing is scheduled for February 18 for an amended settlement to a lawsuit from the Author's Guild and publishers.

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    the unquiet librarian said...

    Mary, great post! I've been teaching all these features since August with my students---they absolutely love it! I embed Google Books frequently into my pathfinders, so that presents the teachable moment to have a conversation about all the powerful features of Google Books.