Sunday, May 11, 2008

For Walter Dean Myers Fans

Many of our students just can't get enough of Walter Dean Myers. They'll be very pleased to learn that not one - but two - new Myers books have just been released.
As is the setting for many Myers books, Harlem is the location of the high school where Drew Lawson is a basketball player in the novel, Game. As he aspires for college and a future with basketball, Drew must deal with his anger over the arrival of two, new white players on his team.
And for you lovers of Fallen Angel, look forward to reading Sunrise over Fallujah - a sequel in a way. A Private Perry once again narrates Sunrise, but this time the war is Iraq and the private is Robin Perry - the nephew of Fallen Angel's Private Richie Perry.
For a full review, see today's NYT's Sunday Book Reviews.

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