Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twitter Your Library

Sarah Houghton-Jan (aka-The LibrarianInBlack) recently did a webcast for OPAL, Online Marketing for Libraries. You can find the archived presentation through OPAL's archive site.  She has tons of great tips on getting your library -and your library website- publicized and seen.  One of the things she mentions is iLibrarian's Guide to Twitter for Librarians.  Lots of great tips on how Twitter can be used to get information out to your students and to the community. Included is David Lee King's 10 Ways to use Twitter.  So many useful ideas!
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robin.ellis said...

Hi Mary, The links in this post are great, I had not seen either of them before. Thanks for leading me to areas I would not have know of before.

mrs. schwander said...

Thanks, Robin. I'm constantly learning from you!